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Finishing Touches

Send something extra to complete your gift, The following are just a few, other items may be available, please call and ask.

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Nigella Vase

Clear Nigella Vase  (as used in the Perfecr Gift Products)

C02251ZF 7.99


more details

120g Maison Fougere Chocolates

12 delicious chocolates in a presentation box

C03351ZF 4.99


more details

Greetings Card

 A selection of greetings cards to send with your gift.

 C05691ZF      Happy Birthday

 C05701ZF      Congratulations

C05711ZF        With Love (shown)

C05721ZF        Thinking of you

C06131ZF         Pink Rose 

if design unavailable we will substitute accordingly



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Single Balloon for any Occasions

Happy Birthday:   Congratulations:

Get Well Soon: Thank You:

Happy Anniversary: Good Luck: I Love You

Baby Boy: Baby girl: Special Birthday ages (even 100)

Childrens Themes 

Designs vary

Single balloon £4.99

Balloon in a Box £10.50



more details

Congratulations Balloon Bouquet

6 Balloons

C02451ZF 0.00


more details

Baby Boy Balloon Bouquet

6 Balloons to welcome the new arrival

C02411ZF 0.00


more details

Baby Girl Balloon Bouquet

6 pink balloons to welcome the new arrival

C02421ZF 0.00


more details

Happy Birthday Balloon Bouquet

6 balloons to wish someone a Happy Birthday

 This can also be Age orientated with:


18,21,30,40,50,60,70,80,90.....and even 100! (ring for details)

C02431ZF 0.00


more details

Get well Soon Balloon Bouquet

6 balloons to wish someone well

C02441ZF 0.00


more details

I Love You Balloon Bouquet

6 balloons to say I Love you......Make a statement!

C02401ZF 0.00


more details

Tall Slim Waist Glass vase

 tall elegant plain vase 30cm height. You've bought the flowers so add a vase to put them in.



more details

Gold Halo Vase

 a useful vase to have as an add on for those lovely flowers you are sending!



more details


a cute bear height sitting 16cm

(as an add on through interflora, suitable substitution made if Bramble unavailable)



more details

Benjamin Bear

a lovely cuddly bear sitting height 24cm



more details

Fougere Belgian Chocolates

 125g Maison Fougere  Truffles.

C07721ZF 8.99


more details

Bailey Bear

 Meet Bailey Bear who we can send out with flower orders as an extra, He or maybe she is a She, is very fluffy and soft.

C06781ZF 9.99


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