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Collection 2014

The 2014 Collection includes Bouquests, Handtieds, Vases, Arrangements, Balloon Bouquets,  Chocolates, Soft toys, please scroll down and see the ideas or ring and ask for other suggestions. 01584 874248

© Copyright used with permission of Interflora British Unit

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Rose and Lily Hand - Tied

Pink Oriental Lilies and Roses, A classic combination:

STANDARD: (shown)        C00411PS       £34.99

LARGE:                           C00412PS     £49.99

EXTRA-LARGE:                 C00413PS     £64.99



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Rose,Freesia and Germini Hand -Tied

Pretty Roses, germini and Freesias make up a dainty Handtied

STANDARD: (shown)          C00401MS      £34.99

LARGE:                            C00402MS      £44.95

EXTRA LARGE:                   C00403MS     £54.99



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Bright Teacup and Saucer Arrangement

Bright Vibrant colours Brimming to the top

C00391MS 34.99


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Vibrant Hand-Tied

The Wow factor with these vibrant flowers designed as handtied

STANDARD (shown)  C00381VS         £34.99

LARGE:                   C00382VS        £44.99

EXTRA LARGE:          C00383VS       £54.99



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Pastel Teacup and Saucer Arrangement

An oversized teacup brimming with pretty shades of pink flowers.

C00391PS 34.99


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Pink Scented Lily Vase

Scented Oriental Lilies Displayed in a tall glass vase.

STANDARD (shown)          C00421PS       £34.99

LARGE:                           C00422PS       £39.99

EXTRA-LARGE:                 C00423PS     £44.99



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Pretty Pastel Brights Gift Bag

A delightful small jute bag full of alstroemeria, gerberas, Spray carnations and Xanths in pink and cream.

C00261MS 22.99


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Elegant Pink Orchid Vase

A Beautiful Orchid presented in a ceramic container within a gift bag

WHITE:            C00251WS 

PINK: (shown)   C00251WS    



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Extra Large Heavenly Rose Hand - Tied

24 large headed Roses in several colourways@


RED:                               C00453RS

PINK:                              C00453PS

PINK & RED:                      C00453XS

WHITE: (shown)                C00453WS

YELLOW:                          C00453YS



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Wonderfully White Hand - Tied

An all White Handtied. Purity.

STANDARD: (shown)          C00431WS      £39.99

LARGE:                            C00432WS     £54.99

EXTRA-LARGE:                 C00433WS      £69.99



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Blue and White Hand - Tied

Roses, xanths, Gerbera and freesias feature in this classic Handtied. 3 sizes available.

Standard (shown)   C00361BS       £29.99

Large:                   C00362BS      £39.99

Extra-Large:           C00363BS     £49.99



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Pink Radiance Hand - Tied

Another Established favourite, Roses Lilies and Gerbera are all included in this handtied.

Standard: (shown)              C00351PS         £29.99

Large:                               C00352PS        £39.99

Extra Large:                       C09353PS        £49.99



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Rose and Germini Hand-Tied

dainty shades of Pink Roses, Peach Gerberas, september flower create this very feminine handtied.

STANDARD: (shown)        C00371MS           £29.99

LARGE:                           C00372MS          £39.99

EXTRA-LARGE:                 C00373MS          £49.99



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White Scented Lily Vase

White Oriental Lilies displayed in a tall elegant glass vase.

STANDARD (shown)         C00421WH        £34.99

LARGE;                          C00422WS        £39.99

EXTRA-LARGE:                C00423WS       £44.99



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Exquisite Arrangement - Pink

 The Pink version of an established favourite.An arrangement in a ceramic container

C00321PS 29.99


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Unforgettable 50 Rose Hand - Tied

50 Red Roses. WOW

C00471RS 159.99


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Ultimate 100 Rose Hand - Tied

100 Roses.

C00481RS 349.99


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Chic Rose Teacup

A Mini Rose plant and ivy grow together in this oversized cup, A novel present for someone.

 CREAM: (shown)    C00511CS

RED:                     C00731RS

PINK:                     C00721PS



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Phalaenopsis Orchid

A Beautiful Orchid presented in a cream ceramic container:



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Stolen Kisses

6 Large Headed Roses in a handtied. Classic.

RED            C00271RS

YELLOW       C00271YS

PINK: (shown)  C00271PS

WHITE:        C00271WS

RED & PINK:  C00271XS 



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Germini Perfect Gift

A Vase full of Gerbera give an eyecatching display:

Standard: (shown)     C00281MS              £26.99

Large:                      C00282MS              £31.99



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Happy Birthday Germini Perfect Gift

A Pretty Birthday Ribbon completes this vase of Gerbera:

Standard: (shown)   C00281HS      £26.99

Large:                   C00282HS      £31.99



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Blue Perfect Gift

A Clear Glass vase full of a blue and white selection of flowers.

Standard: (shown)    C00281BS     £26.99

Large:                     C00282BS     £31.99



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Pink Perfect Gift

In the Pink!

Standard(shown)     C00281PS         £26.99

Large                     C00282PS         £31.99



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Beautiful Basket - Pink and White

A Pretty mix of pink and white displayed in a pale rattan basket

C00341PS 29.99


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Beautiful Basket - Orange

Bright Orange and Yellow basket arrangement will surely brighten your day.

C00341OS 29.99


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Exquisite Arrangement - Cream

An established favourite, Roses, Gerberas and Lilies are included in this nice chunky arrangement in a cream ceramic container.

C00321CS 29.99


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Pretty Pastels & Chocolate GIFT SET

This pretty little bag complete with a small box of chocolates

C00901MB 27.95


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