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Collection 2015

Here is a selection of items that we can deliver locally or through the Interflora network. Content and colour may vary slightly according to availability

© Copyright used with permission of Interflora British Unit

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Single Rose Gift set

A single Rose in a presentation vase with a small box of chocolates ( The vase may differ slightly from one shown)

  Single  RED rose gift set(shown) C00241RS        £19.99

  Single WHITE rose gift set         C00241WS       £19.99

  Single YELLOW rose gift set       C00241YS        £19.99

  Single PINK   rose gift set          C00241PS        £19.99



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Greetings Card

 A selection of greetings cards to send with your gift.

 C05691ZF      Happy Birthday

 C05701ZF      Congratulations

C05711ZF        With Love (shown)

C05721ZF        Thinking of you

C06131ZF         Pink Rose 

if design unavailable we will substitute accordingly



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Rose and Lily Hand - Tied

Pink Oriental Lilies and Roses, A classic combination:

STANDARD: (shown)        C00411PS       £34.99

LARGE:                           C00412PS     £49.99

EXTRA-LARGE:                 C00413PS     £64.99



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Tall Slim Waist Glass vase

 tall elegant plain vase 30cm height. You've bought the flowers so add a vase to put them in.



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Vibrant Hand-Tied

The Wow factor with these vibrant flowers designed as handtied

STANDARD (shown)  C00381VS         £34.99

LARGE:                   C00382VS        £44.99

EXTRA LARGE:          C00383VS       £54.99



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Gold Halo Vase

 a useful vase to have as an add on for those lovely flowers you are sending!



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a cute bear height sitting 16cm

(as an add on through interflora, suitable substitution made if Bramble unavailable)



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Benjamin Bear

a lovely cuddly bear sitting height 24cm



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Me To You Tatty Teddy

A Lovely Grey Tatty Bear in need of a good Home,


Send him with a small box of mint chocolates or jar of mints giftwrapped for £22 plus local delivery


(not available through Interflora)



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Lemon and White Hand-Tied

 Lilies, Roses and Gerbera in yellow and white , give this a lovely fresh Zingy Look.

Standard (shown)          C00351YS          £29.99

Large                           C00352YS          £39.99

Extra large                    C00353YS          £49.99




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Red Rose & Pink Lily Hand-tied

 A lovely Handtied of  Roses and Lilies, How Romantic.

Standard (shown)    C00411XS    £34.99

Large                     C00412XS   £49.99

Extra Large             C00413XS   £64.99



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Extra Large Heavenly Rose Hand - Tied

24 large headed Roses in several colourways with Gypsophila


RED:                               C00453RS

PINK:                              C00453PS

PINK & RED:                      C00453XS

WHITE: (shown)                C00453WS

YELLOW:                          C00453YS



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Wonderfully White Hand - Tied

An all White Handtied. Purity.

STANDARD: (shown)          C00431WS      £39.99

LARGE:                            C00432WS     £54.99

EXTRA-LARGE:                 C00433WS      £69.99



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Vibrant Perfect Gift

 A perennial favourite, A coloured vase full of flowers in oranges and pinks.


Vibrant Perfect Gift  (shown) C00281VS           £27.99

Happy Birthday Vibrant perfect Gift C07041VS   £27.99

Vibrant Perfect Gift PLUS      C00282VS            £32.99

Happy Birthday Vibrant Gift  C07042VS            £32.99



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Vibrant Basket Arrangement

 Vibrant pinks and orange feature in this basket.

Vibrant basket (shown) C00341VS      £29.99

Happy Birthday Vibrant basket   C06791VS   £29.99

Vibrant Basket PLUS             C00342VS      £39.99

Happy Birthday Vibrant Basket PLUS             £39.99




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Pink Radiance Hand - Tied

Another Established favourite, Roses Lilies and Gerbera are all included in this handtied.

Standard: (shown)              C00351PS         £29.99

Large:                               C00352PS        £39.99

Extra Large:                       C09353PS        £49.99



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Heavenly Rose Handtied 12

 12 Roses with gypsophila presented as a handtied.

 C00451RS       RED

 C00451WS      WHITE

C00451XS       RED & PINK

C00451PS       PINK (shown)

C00451YS       YELLOW




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Blue Perfect Gift

 The Blue and yellow version of this favourite comes in a pale ice blue glass vase.


Blue perfect Gift (shown )    C00281BS      £27.99

Blue Perfect Gift PLUS         C00282BS       £32.99



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Exquisite Arrangement - Pink

 The Pink version of an established favourite.An arrangement in a ceramic container

C00321PS 29.99


more details

Pink Phalaenopsis Orchid

 A Splendid Orchid presented in a contemporary  cream container.

 Pink is shown but other colours may be available.

Pink Orchid C00501PS 26.99


more details

Fruit Basket

 An alternative to flowers, A Nice mixed fruit selection presented in a grey wash basket or similar.

C06171MS 29.99


more details

Unforgettable 50 Rose Hand - Tied

50 Red Roses. WOW

C00471RS 159.99


more details

Ultimate 100 Rose Hand - Tied

100 Roses.

C00481RS 349.99


more details

Fougere Belgian Chocolates

 125g Maison Fougere  Truffles.

C07721ZF 8.99


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White radiance Hand-Tied

 A variation of the ever popular Pink radiance, All white roses, lilies, Gerbera and lisianthus, Beautiful.

Standard( shown)    C00351WS        £29.99

Large                     C00352WS        £39.99

Extra large              C00353WS        £49.99



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Pink Perfect Gift

 This season the Pnik perfect Gift comes in a pale pink Vase , which makes this item look very pretty.


Pink Perfect Gift (shown)  C00281PS       £27.99

Pink Perfect Gift PLUS      C00282PS       £32.99



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Large Elegant Rose Vase

 18 Roses presented in a slim waisted tall vase

C00462PS    Pink

C00462RS    Red

C00462XS    Red and Pink

C00462YS    Yellow

C00462WS   White

C00462MS   Red/Orange/Yellow/Pink

Large 69.99


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Six Stolen Kisses

 A favourite for the Romantics..  a handtied of 6 roses.

C00271RS  Red   shown

C00271PS   Pink

C00271WS  White

C00271XS  3 red 3 pink

C00271YS Yellow



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Pink Scented Lily vase

 Beautiful Pink lilies presented in a glass vase with a gold colour rim, The lilies chosen will be less open than shown, but will come out over the following days.

C04891PS             £34.99

Large scented Lily vase  £44.99



more details

Elegant Rose Vase

12 Roses, presented in a tall slim waisted vase. selection of colours available:

C00461PS  pink

C00461RS  red

C00461XS  pink and red

C00461YS Yellow

C00461WS White- shown

C00461MS orange/red/pink/yellow



more details

White Scented Lily Vase

A selection of white lilies look beautiful in a glass vase with a gold rim. usually the lilies are presented in a tight bud to give the recipient a good long enjoyment from them.

White Scented Lily vase (shown)  C04891WS    £34.99

White Scented Vase PLUS           C04892WS     £44.99




more details

Exquisite Arrangement - Cream

An established favourite, Roses, Gerberas and Lilies are included in this nice chunky arrangement in a cream ceramic container.

C00321CS 29.99


more details

Red and White Handtied

 A traditional Handtied of Red and white Flowers

Standard (shown) C00351MS       £29.99

Large                  C00352MS       £39.99

Extra Large          C00353MS       £49.99



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Pink and Cream Basket Arrangement

 A mixed selection of creams and pink compliment this grey was basket.

 Standard (shown) C00341PS      £29.99

 Pink and Cream PLUS               £39.99



more details

Petite Basket

a small neat basket arrangement in shades of pink..

picture to follow

C05161PS 24.99


more details

Teacup and Saucer Arrangement

 A bright mix of pink and white flowers filling this oversized teacup and saucer give a quirky twist.

C00391PS 34.99


more details

Vibrant Exquisite Arrangement

 This vibrant arrangement is a variation of the ever popular Cream and pink Exquisite

C00321VS 29.99


more details

Elegant Orchid Vase

presented in a black specimen vase, a single stem of orchid. a very chic item.*

due to seasonal availability this is only available between 1st-sept-26th Nov 2014 and Jan5th-april 30th 2015

Elegant PINK Orchid vase (shown)   C00251PS     £22.99

Elegant WHITE Orchid vase  C00251WS  £22.99

vase may vary.



more details

Chic Rose Teacup

 An oversized teacup planted with a Rose and Ivy plant

Chic CREAM  Rose Teacup  C00511CS     £24.99

Chic PINK    Rose Teacup   C00511PS     £24.99

Chic RED     Rose Teacup   C00511RS     £24.99



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